Sunday, 15 February 2015

Cambridge Pet Photo Shoot

When I was asked to look after two doggies for a week, I could not wait to take some cute and fun photographs of them (providing they stayed still long enough!) Right from the start I loved both the personalities and giddiness of Tilly and Tiefi. They loved walks, treats, cuddles and sleeps in their snuggly beds. 

Meet Tilly the Toy Poodle. She loves running without her lead on and being the boss of Tiefi!

Meet Tiefi, the Miniature Schnauzer. He loves munching treats and tummy rubs!

They were great models, although Tiefi soon sussed out that when the camera came out he was going to have his photo taken!

If you are interested in a photo shoot with your pet, then please contact me at or visit my website for more details.


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