Friday, 12 December 2014

Molly and Percy Yorkshire Photo Shoot

Travelling back to Yorkshire is always fun and special to me and in October I met the lovely Emma her two children Molly and Percy. Armed with lots of toys, bubbles and my camera I had a fast paced and fun half an hour capturing Molly and Percy playing!

The shoot took place in a little village called Bradley and the cricket green was the perfect place to let them play and for me to run after them with my camera! 

They played on scooters and had a go at blowing big bubbles and then we went for a little walk to feed the ducks by the canal. They threw bread for the ducks and swans, although Molly was sneakily eating some for herself!

I loved this fun shoot and I hope to do another shoot with Molly and Percy sometime in the future. I can't wait to come back to Yorkshire in November for a farm shoot with Janie! 


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